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About Us! 


Be very welcome to our website. Here you will find homemade, fresh food, made with hand-selected ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced fresh and new. Our food options are made with very little oil and salt. We only use extra virgin olive oil, pure sea or pink salt, and preservative-free herbs and peppers. All fresh and freshly cooked straight to your table.


Nutrition is essential these days, where the industry is running against time and trying to produce a large amount of food that lasts for many months. And it turns out that these foods need to be made with lots of preservatives, dyes and other additives that are very harmful to our health.


During the pandemic we were able to research a lot about all of this. The information we have available today is extremely important as we can choose what to put in our mouths. Our health and that of our home, the planet earth, depends on small actions that start with our mouth. Let's go together for this change movement.

Our desserts are made with totally wholesome and nutritious flours. Which are not processed or loaded with preservatives. We have a wide range of cakes and sweets without sugar or sweeteners. Sweetened only with pure fruit. Take advantage of our menu and nourish your body with everything it needs.

The plant world is extremely rich and vast and can provide us with all the nutrients we need. Food reeducation is essential.

We take orders for meetings, parties, catering, cocktail parties, birthdays, weddings and much more. We are open to suggestions and to improve more and more. If you have any questions, please contact us via whatsapp or email. Let's love to talk and exchange ideas. Also we have a chat here at website or you can dm at instagram. 

Thank you so much for your support! 


whatsapp/Text : 702 550 7282


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